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Cell/DNA Exchange
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Exchange Services
Cell Exchange
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International Cell Exchange

The UCLA International Cell Exchange sends test samples to 200 laboratories around the world to assess the accuracy of HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) class I and class II typing and of KIR (Killer-cell Immunologulin-like Receptors) typing. Results by serologic and DNA methods are evaluated for class I and class II. Each laboratory can compare its results with those from other participating laboratories.

The Cell Exchange also provides human sera containing HLA-specific antibodies with the goal of evaluating laboratories' abilities to detect and identify the antibodies.

International DNA Exchange

The UCLA International DNA Exchange provides 6 specimens of purified DNA 6 times each year to participating laboratories to compare results of DNA-based HLA-typing methods. The results of each exchange are graded and participants receive a summary of their performance in each exchange and a complete summary of results from other participating laboratories.

Become An Exchange Participant

If you are interested in becoming an exchange participant and would like to subscribe to our Cell and/or DNA Exchange programs, please click on the appropriate "Program Information" links to the left for more subscription information. You are also more than welcome to contact the Cell Exchange or contact the DNA Exchange and we will answer any questions that you may have.

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