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The UCLA Immunogenetics Center (UIC) is a World Health Organization reference laboratory for HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) typing. The laboratory is internationally recognized as a pioneer in HLA typing and crossmatch testing for tissue and organ transplants and documented the first associations between HLA and disease.

UIC is a leader in HLA research and in the development of accompanying diagnostic testing. UIC has expanded the extensive basic and applied research to the development of a comprehensive outreach program. The center provides state-of-the-art histocompatibility and immunogenetics testing for solid organ and stem cell transplantation, vaccine development, clinical trials, immune monitoring and disease diagnosis to a wide range of physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies and other medical facilities.

The UCLA International Cell and DNA Exchange programs provide reference reagents and proficiency testing materials to immunogenetics laboratories worldwide and are hallmarks of UIC. Many laboratory and scientific personnel, from the U.S. and abroad were trained in HLA typing through courses and workshops at UIC.

The mission of the UCLA Immunogenetics Center is:

  • to provide the highest standard of immunogenetics, histocompatibility and transplantation immunology testing to the patients we serve.

  • to advance the understanding of immunogenetics and transplantation immunology through innovative basic and clinical research.

  • to lead in the development of new technologies and reference materials to improve the quality of patient testing and patient care.

  • to train scientists, physicians and students to understand the nature of the problems in transplantation immunology.

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